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5 Tips to achieve the Perfect Natural Summer Glow Makeup

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The super glowy makeup has become more than a trend and is now part of our daily social media feed. No doubt, it’s a beautiful look that we all want to achieve, but it’s also certain that there are things to consider before we jump into it.

The following are 5 tips that will help you achieve that perfect and trendy natural summer glow makeup:

  1. Choose the right primer: Whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination, forget about the items mentioned in those makeup tutorials you watched and choose the primer that will fit YOUR OWN skin needs.
  2. Choose a light-weight or mineral-based medium coverage foundation: One must-do to achieve a natural look is applying a light-weight foundation. If you want a little bit more coverage, applying just one layer of a mineral-based medium coverage foundation with a clean damped beauty blender would do the job!
  3. Use warm, light-color and shimmer eyeshadows: The secret is to make the eyes look naturally bright. You want to stay away from the smokey-eye technique and use only warm tones. Keep in mind that shimmer eyeshadows will be your go-to for this look with just one exception: the transition color, which should be matte. Since you’ll have a shimmer shade already on your brow bone and on your crease, the matte shade will be the perfect transition to keep both shades standing out.
  4. Keep Mac Fix Plus or Rose Water handy: The Mac Fix Plus is -hands-down- one of the best in the market. It makes all shimmer shades pop and also gives your face a dewy look! Give one spray directly to your brush before applying the shimmer shadows on your lid, inner corner and brow bone. Also, once you’re done with your makeup, give 1 to 2 sprays straight to your face. Don’t worry if you have the oily skin type because you already prepped your skin with the correct primer.  Another great alternative is a Rose-water spray that will also achieve the same result, plus it will make you feel so fresh!
  5. Be careful choosing and applying concealers and highlighters: Just like foundations, you need to be wise choosing and applying concealers and highlighters correctly. Depending on your skin type, follow the tips below:
  • Oily/acne-prone skin: Choose a creamy concealer, let it bake for a minute and set it with powder. For the highlighter, stay away from liquid highlighters and stick with powder versions. If you have acne avoid applying highlighter on those spots even if those are just on your cheekbones! They will stand out and all the glowy look will be just a miss! Remember girl, you should do what suits YOU! Don’t worry, you will still look like a sunshine since you have other spots left to highlight, like your cupid’s bow, above your brow arch, the bridge of your nose and the tip of your nose.
  • Dry Skin: Choose a liquid as opposed to creamy concealer. The creamy concealer will pack on your dry lines and will make them look harsh. The only area for you to set would be your under eye area so the concealer will not crease there (remember prepping your under eyes with a hydrating eye cream before applying any makeup). For the highlighter, feel free to use a liquid one and top it off with a powder highlighter and you will shine like a star!
If you would like to know how I achieved this look, I’m listing the products that I used with their links below. Please note that I may get a small commission if you decide to purchase from the links provided. However, all items listed are products that I trust and that I’ve been very pleased using; otherwise I would not recommend buying any.

Primer: MAC Strobe Cream in silver

Foundation: Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea water-based foundation in “Light sand”. I’m linking a deal from QVC Here where you get the foundation with a FREE brush, so hurry before it ends!

Concealer: I used the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Waterproof concealer in Tan to cover my dark circles and to highlight I used the Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea water-based Aquacealer concealer in “Light”

Blush: NARS in Orgasm

Bronzer: Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof bronzer, Here

Highligther: Becca Opal, Here

Eyes: For the shimmery shades I sused the Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette and for the transition shade, I used the Makeup Geek “Creme Brulee”. All the details below:

Lid: UD Naked 2 “Half baked”

Crease and lower lash line: UD Naked 2 “Chopped”

Brow bone and Inner corner of the eye: UD Naked 2 “Booty call”

Mascara: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara, Here

Lashes: Ardell Natural Wispies, Here

I hope you learned something new with these 5 tips! Try this look following my tips and share pictures of your natural summer glow makeup with me! Make sure you tag me on your social media!


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  • MJ Silva
    August 14, 2017

    Looove it!!! So easy to actually apply to real life !!!

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